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Cloud based time tracking system for employees, contractors and partners.

Accessible on Multiple Devices



As a resource in a project or a department, you can quickly and accurately capture the time you have spent on multiple tasks.


You can add employees and contractors. For each user you can manage their access permissions.


Time cards that have been submitted and invoices that have been received can be reviewed and approved here.


Create projects that can hold multiple tasks (or deliverables). Users will assign their time to deliverables.


itracr provides a number of reports that allow you to get up to the minute information on projects and their deliverables.


itracr allows suppliers to invoice your company and for you to invoice clients.

Supports multiple devices

itracr works on all major browsers across multiple device types, so users can update their time cards on their mobile devices.

Cloud based

itracr is cloud based, so it can be accessed from anywhere that has an internet connection

Secure and reliable

itracr is hosted by Amazon AWS, which stores data securely and reliably, and makes sure that itracr is available 24x7.

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